Ten Year Mortgage Strategy’s Time Has Come

 My friend Joe Bata is a financial advisor and I think he could just as well be a professional debater. We were having lunch the other day and he was grilling me, playing “devil’s advocate” over the logic of locking into a ten year mortgage today and educating me on how I could transform an existing mortgage into a tax deductible mortgage, using the 10 year strategy.  I am really thankful to have friends like this in my life.

 Through the ensuing conversation and debate that followed, I decided to shoot the video below for you to understand the compelling argument of locking into a 10 year fixed term mortgage today versus other terms.  

 I sincerely hope that this video is watched by as many people as possible and as soon as possible. It may not be too long away that interest rates start rising.  Will you consider sharing this?  What a gift you can give to your friends and family who have mortgages that are not being actively managed!!





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